"GenRad's Stinger Production Test Systems (GR2281a/GR2287a) bring incredible power  and versatility to countless prototype, pre-production, and production testing applications at an unbelievably low cost."

Test Department

                 Genrad Stinger Systems provide analog in-circuit capabilities normally found only in high-end in-circuit or combinational test systems. What's more, they offer reliable opens detection without the use of digital in-circuit hardware or knowledge of device function. Stinger's ease-of-use is derived from the advanced GR228X software toolset including TestFlo Program Preparation Manager, Automatic Test Generation, Program Xplorer Graphical Debug Station, Automatic Fault Grading and Real-time Data Collection and Display.



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TEST Department Capabilities:

Genrad ICT

Flying Probe ICT

Functional Verification Testing

Board level, Subsystem level, System level

Full Test Engineering Support


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