"The SMT production floor utilizes full inline automated assembly."


Surface Mount Department

            Each SMT production line is an integrated process that includes solder paste deposition, high speed chip shooters, universal and fine pitch component placer's and reflow ovens. Some lines are additionally equipped with glue dot dispensers. Fine pitch capabilities include Vision printing down to 5 mil lines and placement of 12 mil lead pitch devices.


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Futronix Inc. has developed a process that allows through hole components to be inserted and soldered along with SMT components of assemblies that would normally require many individual process steps. This 'single point processing' approach provides consistency yielding higher quality, lower cost and quicker turn around. See Intrusive Reflow Description  

SMT Manufacturing Capabilities:

0402 Chip, 12 Mil Pitch FQFP

BGA & Micro BGA

Fuji CP6 and IP2

Double Sided and Intrusive Reflow

No-Clean or Aqueous Process







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